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Several international foundation prizes and competition prizes for organ and improvisation; teaching in international courses for improvisation. Concerts as organist and conductor of the Swabian Baroque Ensemble in many European countries. Recordings for radio, LP and CD (such as the Complete Organ Works of Jean Françaix). Composer of works for the organ, choir and orchestra. Juror at competitions for organ, improvisation and composition. Essl’s compositions have been decisively influenced by the music of Jehan Alain and by Modern Jazz in combination with formal and structural aspects of former epochs. (XI/99)

 Jürgen ESSL
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Fünf Momentaufnahmen für Orgel (1989)
duration: 9'
order number: 02 395

Triptychon für Orgel op. 10. Meditationen zur Dreieinigkeit (1991)
duration: 13'
order number: 02 413

Demoltokata for organ op. 22 (2002)
duration: 5'
order number: 02 446

Dialoge (Livre d'Orgue). Three Pieces for Organ op. 16 (1996)
duration: 16'
order number: 02 426

Toccata in e Minor for Organ (1988)
duration: 6'
order number: 02 393

Zeit und Leben (Time and Life). Suite for Organ op. 33 (2011)

I. Brunnen der Vergangenheit (Advent) / II. Die Schlucht (Passion) / III. Oberwelten (Ostern) / IV: Ballett (Maria)

duration: 14'
order number: 02 488