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Titel: Preludes

Bearbeitung für Violoncello und Klavier

Jazz Chamber Music
Bestellnr.: 33 764
Bearbeiter: Michael Publig

Prelude No. 1 / Prelude No. 2 (Blue Lullaby) / Prelude No. 3 (Spanish Prelude)


Die drei berühmten Preludes in einer jazzigen Bearbeitung von Michael Publig



„It is refreshing to have the opportunity to play pieces by Gershwin as he did not compose works specifically for the cello. The three Preludes for cello and piano are an arrangement of the three piano Preludes. Originally performed in 1926, the jazz influence during that time is highly evident. Michael Publig has maintained the Preludes’ stylistic integrity whilst incorporating string effects such as pizzicato in the first Prelude, glissandos and harmonics in the second and exploiting the cello’s range in the final Prelude. The cello plays the melody with the piano predominantly providing a supporting role. (…) The three Preludes will be enjoyed by an advanced student or professional player. Doblinger’s attractive cover of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan contains a clearly printed arrangement.”
(STRINGENDO MAGAZINE – Australian Strings Association, Oct. 2014)

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ISMN: 979-0-012-20316-2