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Ausgewählte Fugen für Orgel (Klavier/Cembalo)

herausgegeben von Erich Benedikt
Orgel solo
DM 1413
Erich Benedikt

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Albrechtsberger wurde zu seiner Zeit als Meister des Kontrapunkts, u.a. von W.A. Mozart und L.v. Beethoven verehrt. Die in dieser Ausgabe enthaltenen 17 Fugen stammen durchwegs aus Erstdrucken und Handschriften und können großteils manualiter ausgeführt werden.


Op. 8/2, op. 11/1, op. 11/5, op. 11/6, op. 15/2, op. 15a/3, op. 15a/4, op. 15a/5, op. 16/2, op. 16/3, op. 17/3, op. 18/3, op. 18/5, Fuga in D, Fuga in e, Fuga in G


Albrechtsberger was highly esteemed (even by Mozart) as an improviser on the organ and composer. This volume is worthwhile – and not just because he was the teacher of Beethoven. (…) The general drive and energy is attractive to the player – and possibly the listener. We find strict “old ecclesiastical” fugues, many with pronounced chromatic passages, but also lighter ones, a few with fairly memorable /tuneful subjects. Michael Bell, Organist’s Review, December 2011   Albrechtsberger was a friend of Haydn and Mozart and was well known in the Vienna region of Austria. He was highly regarded as an organ improviser and composer of church music. The Preface is in German and English and contains information about the composer and these works. It also mentions problems with playing any bass lines on the pedals and performing them on various keyboard instruments. An interesting detail is that Beethoven studied with him and also played his organ fugues. Several specifications of organs associated with the composer in Vienna are included. Most of the fugues are three to four pages long and contain editorial suggestions in brackets for the use of pedals. Not all of them are easy to play. (Mark Quarmby, THE SYDNEY ORGAN JOURNAL, Spring 2011)   “…the real beauty and accomplishment of Albrechtsberger’s resourceful imagination may be fully savoured and enjoyed.” (Gerald Clifford, THE CONSORT, Summer 2012)